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Léonie Gray

Léonie Gray is a Canadian singer based in Montréal, Qc. She starts her carrier in the early 2000's, releasing her first project "Inner Songs" in 2015 while being lead singer in the musical Symbiose. She releases three personal projects in 2018 such as Eliana's Poison, A Night at Honey's and GROWTH. She works alongside ATAMONE (growth), Téhu (EP Boulevard 2), Lucas Liberatore (Eliana's Poison), Bruno Vallelunga (Holiday Blues), Ghostnaut, Ashe, L.Teez (The Half Full EP), LUNR and many more.

She shared the stage with Karim Ouellet, Milk&Bone, Beyries and France D'Amour.

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Americana 10ans nouvelles
Americana 10ans
l'Album anniversaire 10ans Americana
« Une minute » album de Véronique Labbé nouvelles
« Une minute » album de Véronique Labbé
Lancement à Saint-Tite le 6 septembre 2019
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