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Turn to Gold

"I describe it as a mantra, an incantation. In a way, I'm casting a spell. It came to me in a flash at a time when I was experiencing a lot of turmoil," Aiza said of the song in an email to The FADER. "I've been meditating a lot lately and I wanted to create my own guided meditation. The harmonies are steady and smooth, as a means to quiet the mind and slowly get you into a trance, and since I absolutely love to dance, it was very important for me that the song also had a lot of percussions."

The song's rhythmic chants and percussions feel intentionally ancestral, something Aiza says was "a means to realign with my inner power and my ancestors' wisdom...It's a reminder that we are all-powerful, and that ultimately we get to choose what we want to make of our lives."

Produced by Aiza, Lucatheproducer & Christopher Cargnello

Prod by Lucatheproducer

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