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Aim for the head

From Montréal to Nashville, 199V is back with his second single of 2019, joined by songstress Krysten Simone who brings a unique take to the track with her R&B/Pop vocals. The pain-fuelled track touches on heartbreak and how both of them would rather be metaphorically killed than to be wounded multiple times as the hooks croons “if you shoot for me then aim for the head”. The song was produced by Lucas Liberatore and was featured on Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday. Not to mention 199V and Krysten passing off lines with such ease, making for a seamlessly brilliant collaboration.

Here’s what 199V had to say about the track;

“In “Aim For The Head” I talk about having to cut people out of my life until they can learn to accept what I’m going through. Even if what I’m going through causes you pain, if it was you instead it would not be the same. Memories cloud my judgement and it’s hard to maintain, so if you shoot for me then aim for my brain.”

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